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Interview with Tony Kanaan: “Adapting from Real Racing to SimRacing is not Black and White”

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The 2022 ADAC SimRacing Expo had big names to offer wherever you looked – and this was not limited to the exhibitors: If you happened to stroll by the Gomez Sim Industries booth, chances were not slim that you would suddenly end up talking SimRacing with IndyCar legend Tony Kanaan – we sat down with the Brazilian for a video interview.

Kanaan has been active in miotorsports for almost 40 years, most recently in the Stock Car Pro Series in Brazil, but the 47-year-old also started the Indy 500 for Chip Ganassi Racing and took a third-place finish. He had won at the Brickyard before in 2013, and took the series title in 2004.

Chatting with SRU Editor Yannik Haustein, focus is not just on Kanaan’s racing career, but also his SimRacing experience which even go back to the beginnings of iRacing. The likeable Brazilian explains differences, similarities, how his real-life racing experience has helped with SimRacing, and more – we hope you like the video!