Announcement graphic for the RIG Fastest Lap Award for Road 2 SimRacing Expo Competitions

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RIG Fastest Lap Award: Hardware Prizes for Top Times

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The esports series of the 2022 ADAC SimRacing Expo see the fastest SimRacers in the world compete in different events and simulations. Setting the fastest lap of a race is usually a nice bonus, but now, they have an added incentive to go extra quick: introducing the RIG Fastest Lap Award!

Some series, both in real motorsports and SimRacing, reward the fastest lap of a race with an extra point or two, the Professional Trophy by Simracing.GP, the Community Trophy and the ADAC Digital GT500 offer a different kind of reward in the form of hardware prizes.

Hardware manufacturer Nacon has numerous gaming peripherals in its portfolio, so headsets could not be left out, of course: The RIG brand offers audio and voice solutions ranging from budget headsets to more luxurious sets in different versions. Depending on the model, RIG headsets are compatible with PCs but also Xbox, PlayStation and even Nintendo Switch consoles.

This means that the fastest lap of every single race of the three mentioned ADAC SimRacing Expo competitions will pay off not only on the time sheets: The winner of the RIG Fastest Lap Award can look forward to receiving great RIG hardware prizes – look out for the battles for who is the quickest at any given circuit are likely going to pick up in intensity!