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Road 2 SimRacing Expo: Here’s How the Community Trophy Works

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The Community Trophy is back on the Road 2 SimRacing Expo: New location, new format, more variety and community integration – this time, we are headed to the grid in RaceRoom, including a large amount of content to choose from. Here, you can find all the info regarding the SimRacing Community Trophy.

The Simulation

The Community Trophy drivers will compete in RaceRoom in 2022. This allows for a greater variety in content that can be used in the competition, giving more options regard cars and tracks. Due to the free-to-play nature of the title, a potentially larger user base is able to get involved as well.

Where Are We Racing?

The tracks are already scheduled: In five rounds, SimRacers will get the opportunity to qualify for the semi-final at the ADAC SimRacing Expo 2022, which is going to host the grand final as well. Here’s what the calendar has on offer:

  • June 9th: Brands Hatch
  • July 7th: Daytona
  • August 4th: Watkins Glen
  • September 1st: Red Bull Ring
  • October 9th: Nürburgring
  • December 2nd: Norisring – Semi-Final @ ADAC SimRacing Expo
  • December 3rd: Norisring – Final @ ADAC SimRacing Expo

The Cars

It comes down to the community to decide which cars will be raced at the five championship events: Prior to each race, a poll with three options will go live on our social media where you can vote for your favorite class. he semi-final will see the Porsche Carrera Cup Classic in action, and the final is going to be contested in DTM vehicles from 1992 – a perfect fit for the RETRO CLASSICS Bavaria partner event, which is held at the same time at NürnbergMesse. More modern cars are going to be part of the vote as well, though – be surprised!

The Format

Contrary to last year, the 2022 Community Trophy is a championship: Racers score points in each of the five races on the Road 2 SimRacing Expo, and the best 24 in the standings advance to the semi-final at the Expo. The final will be contested by the top 12 of the semi-final. Ahead of each championship race, a RaceRoom leaderboard is set to go live to determine the fastest 16 SimRacers to make it to the race. Additionally, eight more drivers are going to be on the grid after being invited – they could be racing drivers, SimRacing influencers or other personalities of the SimRacing scene.

After a 30-minute free practice, a ten-minute qualifying session is scheduled, followed by two races of 20 minutes each. The top 12 of the first race are going to start the second race in reverse order.

How Can You Take Part?

Entering the SimRacing Community Trophy is not complicated: In RaceRoom, the leaderboards are going to be available as events that you can join like any other competition you may know on the platform. Additionally, it is advised that you join the RaceRoom Discord server as the competition is organized there. The first leaderboard is set to go online on May 30th.