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ESL R1: is FaZe actually ready for the competition?

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Time is fast approaching for the début of ESL R1 with RENNSPORT also taking centre stage this weekend in Katowice, and as we know it, all bar two of the teams has unveiled their driver line-ups for the forthcoming Intel Extreme Masters (IEM) – FaZe and G2 Esports. With the latter, there is a very strong possibility that some recognizable and credible sim racers will be in the fold for G2.

However, FaZe made a big song and dance about their multi-year tie-in with Porsche, but the question remains, just who is going to drive for them?

As if the silly season at the turn of the year wasn’t interesting enough, this is also making the sim racing world and the general community wonder what moves are going to be happening next.

Dörr EsportsLucas Müller has been posting on his Instagram profile with a set of cryptic stories, saying that there is a big announcement coming “this week,” and could be another driver to depart following on from Moritz Löhner‘s departure from the team to go to MOUZ.

However, Müller later confirmed via Instagram that he will be remaining with the squad.

But with the uncertainty of no announcement having yet been made, this could mean other teams such as R8G eSports may also have talent poached from their already very strong roster.

What FaZe will need is a young and skilled driver, who will be able to jump from one platform to another, which will be a good fit for FaZe’s approach to compete at a high level.

But who else could be joining them? The jury’s not made their verdict on that one quite yet.