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• Team Redline dominated the third round of the VCO ERL Fall Cup on the rFactor 2 platform, prevailing over Williams Esports in the finale.
• Ahead of the ERL Fall Cup Masters, the twelve qualifying teams for ERWC II have been decided.
• The ERL Fall Cup Masters takes place on 2nd November on the iRacing platform – ERWC II coming up in February 2023.

The starting field at the Esports Racing World Cup (ERWC II) was decided early: ahead of the ERL Fall Cup Masters on 2nd November, the twelve qualifying teams for the year’s grand finale in February 2023 have already been determined. Victory in round three of the ERL Fall Cup on the rFactor 2 platform went to Team Redline, who will now be favourites to win the Masters on the iRacing platform. The focus there will be on prestige and prize money, rather than qualification for ERWC II.

Round three of the ERL Fall Cup was clear-cut for the Redline trio of Kevin Siggy/Enzo Bonito/Jeffrey Rietveld. The three drivers dominated each round and beat Williams Esports 2-0 in the final races. The race cars were stock cars on the virtual Daytona International Speedway, including the infield.

Overview of the twelve teams who have qualified for ERWC II:

1. Team Redline7. TRITON Racing
2. R8G Esports8. Team Fordzilla
3. Unicorns of Love9. Arnage Competition
4. Williams Esports10. Veloce Esports
5. BS+COMPETITION11. Burst Esport
6. Apex Racing Team12. YAS HEAT

Overview of the twelve teams who have qualified for the Fall Cup Masters:

1. Team Redline7. Veloce Esports
2. Apex Racing Team8. Arnage Competition
3. Williams Esports9. Team Fordzilla
4. Unicorns of Love10. Race Clutch
5. R8G Esports11. BS+COMPETITION
6. TRITON Racing12. Leo Racing X Ballas eSport

Reactions from the winners:

Enzo Bonito (Team Redline): “To be honest, when we qualified in the top three positions in the finale, I thought we could just drive away with it. But then the guys from Williams Esports made a wild start and got past us under braking. It was a tough duel, but that’s how I like it. That was extremely enjoyable.”

Kevin Siggy (Team Redline): “It was great fun to drive the car with its old-style driving physics. It allows you to drift really well. I was really annoyed at one point when I was in the lead in the first finale and got spun around. But we won it nonetheless, so it was OK in the end.”

Jeffrey Rietveld (Team Redline): “We have a lot of experience on the rFactor 2 platform, meaning that from the word go we knew what we had to do to be fast and still go easy on the tyres in the race. I think that it’s very difficult to get used to this car that slides like crazy for the drivers who are normally on iRacing. We used that to our advantage.“