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Creating Your Own Simracing.GP Community Just Got Easier!

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No standstill at Simracing.GP: The platform rolled out its February update just as the month came to a close, and with it come a few exciting features that sim racers will likely enjoy. Plus, SGP takes another shot at making Automobilista 2 work.

While experimental functionality regarding AMS2 has been available on the platform for quite a while, events would encounter a number of problems, mainly stability issues. With a new server configuration, SGP hopes to make the Brazilian sim run much smoother on their platform and encourages AMS2 communities to test the feature and give feedback. It is advised to launch the sim via the SGP website to help with stability.

For most sim racers, the ability to create a new community by themselves should be the most welcome addition of the update. Thus far, this was only possible by booking a call with SGP staff to set everything up – now, anyone can create a community to race in. While SGP is still free, the race length is limited to 6 hours, although this limit can be extended by messaging staff if needed.

Initially, new communities will not be visible to anyone that does not have the link to access it, but after achieving ten completed races, five upcoming races and 100 driver entries in a 30-day span, it will shop up publicly. Additionally, the UI in the event screens has been cleaned up, making it easier to navigate.

With the addition of automated splits, SGP has also introduced a feature to effectively eliminate maximum entry list sizes. Sim racers will automatically be put in splits with drivers of similar ability based on the ranking system of the platform. For this, Simracing.GP will run test series in Assetto Corsa, AC Competizione and RaceRoom.

To read the full update, head over to the Simracing.GP website.