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Including Coaching: Porsche Launches Simutrack Rigs

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It is no secret that Porsche appreciates sim racing: A works team in Porsche-Coanda and its partnership with the upcoming RENNSPORT platform are clear signs, but now the Stuttgart-based manufacturer takes another step – and produces its own sim racing rigs as Simutrack.

Just like their cars, the sim racing rigs are designed with the word “premium” in mind: In its base version, the simulator starts at 25.000€ – add motion capabilities to that, and you are looking at a starting price of 50.000€. This does not just buy you hardware, though: Both models come with a Simutrack community membership, which allows sim racers access to coaching and exclusive racing series.

Interestingly, data collected while driving in the simulator can be used and compared with that of sessions on real tracks, helping racers to improve – even if they do not own a Porsche to drive on real circuits, as the official website explicitly states.

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Regarding hardware, the Simutrack rigs promise state-of-the-art equipment but do not name any manufacturers – a possible hint an in-house solutions? Both models come with high-end pedals, a highly adjustable shifter, and an ultrawide screen featuring HDMI 2.1 compatibility and a refresh rate of 240 Hz. The rigs also borrow design cues from actual Porsche cars, resulting in sleek look.

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