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Jardier’s open Letter: Is Assetto Corsa Competizione Dying?

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It has been quite a while since anything bigger than BoP updates and small fixes have been implemented in Assetto Corsa Competizione – in fact, the developers have been relatively quiet. One of the biggest ACC proponents is Jaroslav Honzik, better known to the sim racing community as Jardier – and the Czech is not happy about the situation either, as he now showed by posting an open letter to ACC on the official forum of developer Kunos Simulazioni.

The in-depth post contains no less than 20 points that Jardier would like to see improved in ACC – not to criticize the developers, but “because I KNOW there is potential. MASSIVE Potential in ACC to be even bigger than it is. And all you need to do, is listen to the community.” The latter being one of the main gripes of Honzik: “I feel like ACC shifted from a game for players and a game that was listening to their community, now to literally get abandoned.”

A lack of communication from the developers feels like Kunos may have somewhat shifted focus away from ACC, with the current BoP in the sim being one of the most obvious indicators to Jardier, stating that “I don’t think it’s so hard to make cars on all tracks within 2 tenths” – something which the official SRO GTWC Esports series achieved by running a custom BoP for Kyalami.

Feedback has been positive thus far, the majority of the forum users who have replied agree with Jardier – and it has already yielded a small victory: Publisher 505 Games’ AC Community manager Rwaggy, as they go by in the forum, ensured that his feedback has been heard and taken seriously, resulting in the promise of creating a roadmap for what is coming up in ACC.

You can find the full open letter and the replies of the forum thread here. What are your thoughts? Is Jardier right? Is he asking for too much? Let us know in the comments!