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Upgrade as You Like: Logitech Reveals G Racing Adapter

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Ever since the release of the PRO Racing Wheel, Logitech had two tiers of sim racing hardware on offer: For the entry level, there are the G923 wheels and pedals, and the top-end is covered by new direct drive wheel – but their components are not compatible with each other. That changes now: Logitech has introduced the G Racing Adapter to remedy this problem.

Logitech’s PRO Pedals and PRO Racing Wheel are available separately, which is not a problem for PC users, as they can mix and match hardware as they please – except for the pedals that come with the G923 line of wheels and its predecessors, as well as the Driving Force Shifter. Console sim racers, on the other hand, had no choice but to use a bundle. Meanwhile, PRO Racing Wheel owners had no way to add a shifter to their setup despite the PRO Pedals featuring a clutch by default.

The G Racing Adapter lets sim racers combine these products, making it possible to have an upgrade path in the Logitech sim racing ecosystem. Racers who are fine with their G923 wheel but want to make the jump to better pedals can now do so, even if they are on a console, or vice versa. The Driving Force Shifter can be added to a PRO setup, making it more versatile.

A neat additional feature of the adapter is the rotary switch to adjust the brake pressure of the PRO Pedals’ load cell brake on the fly. It looks reminiscent to a wired speaker remote and offers the possibility to change the force without the need to fiddle around in the driver or the sim’s settings.

The G Racing Adapter is available on the official Logitech website and costs 44,99€/39,99£/39,99$.