An Easy Way to Better Performance: Image Scaling & Super Resolution

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As nice as beautiful graphics are, visuals in SimRacing are secondary – performance is everything. However, this is sometimes difficult to get right – especially Assetto Corsa Competizione is known for its hardware hunger. With DLSS and FSR, Nvidia and AMD Radeon have already introduced solutions for such cases – but both systems only work with compatible games. However, software-independent solution also exists.

The principle of DLSS and FSR is simple: The respective game is output in a lower resolution, which the graphics card then upscales via AI to achieve higher performance in the form of more frames per second – a feature that ACC has already received last year.

However, not all titles are compatible with DLSS and FSR. Nevertheless, the upscaling principle can also be applied to them: Both Nvidia and AMD have developed a system that works at the driver level instead of the game engine level, and as a result, it works with significantly more titles.

In Nvidia’s case, the feature goes by the name Image Scaling and is compatible with graphics cards from the GTX series onwards. AMD’s version is called Radeon Super Resolution and runs on GPUs from the RX5000 series and newer. The features can simply be enabled in the respective graphics card driver, the in-game resolution must then be set lower than the native monitor resolution.

A lot of technical terms – but the results are impressive. Both manufacturers show clear performance increases, SRU editor Yannik Haustein tested Radeon Super Resolution with ACC and Automobilista 2. The result: ACC immediately gained between 20 and 30 frames per second, AMS2 ran almost constantly at 110 FPS or more and did not show any optical disadvantages. ACC, on the other hand, looked a bit blurry in parts – just like with FSR enabled, by the way – but ran more smoothly.

Conclusion: Especially for SimRacers with somewhat older hardware, who cannot or do not want to upgrade to a still wickedly expensive graphics card, it is worth trying out the systems to get more out of the hardware and enjoy a fluent performance.