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KEEPONRACING: From fan to driver - how it all began!
user-iconKevin Rohrscheidt
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Welcome to my KEEPONRACING story!

From fan to driver - which motorsport fan and simracing enthusiast doesn't dream of it? But who believes that this dream can actually become a reality for himself of all people? Especially since, unlike many other young racing drivers, I didn't grow up in karting but made my first racing experiences with Gran Turismo and my participation in the GT Academy competition.

With the GT Academy competition, the car manufacturer Nissan and the video game brand PlayStation wanted to find out whether a fast PlayStation gamer can also cut a good figure in a real cockpit. Over 100,000 players in Germany took part in the competition. They all fought for a place in the German final and with it the further selection process in the race camp in Silverstone. The winner was offered a contract as a professional Nissan factory racer. Here I made my first experience in a race car on a real race track. 


This experience was so overwhelming that after my seventh place in the race camp I wanted to do everything I could to become a race driver. So, in 2013, the idea for my mission #KEEPONRACING was born from the well-known radio message of the race engineers "Keep on Pushing", i.e. to always give everything in the race. Here, too, I have to give everything I have to go from being a motorsport fan to becoming a motorsport racer.

Life is too short not to try

Since I know from my own experience how difficult it is to realize such a dream, I had the idea to write down my story to motivate and inspire other motorsport fans and simracing enthusiasts in my #KEEPONRACING blog. 

Because, as they say, without sweat there is no prize. So, I had to overcome many challenges with a lot of perseverance, dedication and passion in order to complete my third racing season as a late entrant, against all expectations in the racing scene. 

On my way I learned one thing I want to share with you - there are always different ways into motorsports and you can take up this mission at any age. But you have to keep at it and motivate yourself again and again and literally "Keep on Pushing" yourself to push and push. 


Surprise debut season

So I started my first full racing season at the age of 26, after having participated in several virtual-to-real racing competitions and junior scouting. With the BMW M240i Racing in snow and rain at the Hockenheimring, with a Mini Cooper JCW at the Sachsenring, the KTM X-Bow GT4 at the Slovakiaring or at my first race ever directly through Raidillon de l'Eau Rouge in Spa-Francorchamps - with each race I learned a new aspect on my way to becoming a racer. 

After my surprising third place in the DMV BMW 318ti Cup championship in my first year as a racer in 2018, I finally knew for myself that it was possible to enter motorsport via Simracing. But, after that, every motor sportsman inevitably has to ask the question: what is still in it for me with my talent and my financial possibilities thanks to my sponsors? 

Passion for endurance races

That's why I made a conscious decision to participate in the DMV National Endurance Series 500 for an endurance championship. The races, which last several hours, take place on attractive race tracks, were always exciting and demanded everything from the team, drivers and vehicles. Here I was able to build on the success of my first year and win the championship in my class on a BMW M240i Racing with my two team mates.  

So after the season I asked myself again the question: how and where do I want to do racing in the future and on which professional level can I drive with my talent and possibilities?

This is a question that every motor sportsman has to answer honestly and self-critically and so I was glad to have the opportunity to gain further experience in the "entry level" of professional motor sports - the GT4 class - during a test with HP Racing International in Portimão and to discuss the next steps in motor sports with the successful team manager and instructor Hari Proczyk. 


You can follow my story of simracing in real motorsports this year again on my Instagram-(@keeponracing) and Facebook channel (KEEPONRACING.DE) as well as on KEEPONRACING.DE and my column on simracing-unlimited.com


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