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KEEPONRACING: Level Up! New car, new team
user-iconKevin Rohrscheidt
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From fan to driver - what motorsport fan and SimRacing enthusiast doesn't dream of it? But who believes that this dream can actually become a reality for himself? Especially since, unlike many other young racing drivers, I didn't grow up in karting but had my first racing experience with Gran Turismo and my participation in the GT Academy competition. In the second part of my column you can read more about my new racing car and my new racing team this year.

So, I was delighted to be part of the successful RN Vision STS team and to have the opportunity to drive a Porsche Cayman GT4 CS in the hotly contested NES 8 class, another year in the DMV NES 500 Endurance Championship. In doing so, I have to improve my skills as a racing driver enormously again, when I have to fight for places and points, among others with professional drivers and factory drivers like Benny Leuchter in top racing cars from the well-known ADAC TCR Germany Touring Car Championship. It is clear that our team with the Porsche Cayman GT4 CS has the role of underdog in this class, but it is precisely this challenge for us that makes the championship and the races all the more exciting.


This development towards the GT4 category means a lot to me, because since my entry into motorsports two years ago, I have been able to improve year by year, so that I am now very happy to be part of the successful team RN Vision STS around my team boss Veit-Valentin Vincentz this year and to share my further development steps and experiences with you on my KEEPONRACING blog. 

David vs. Goliath

Especially important for me as a young motor sportsman is the fact that RN Vision STS - besides trophy hunting - also focuses on the further development of my driving skills. So every training session and race is accompanied by comprehensive data and video analysis, as I already know it from simracing. In the video on my YouTube channel, my team boss Veit and I also talk about the difference between simracing and real racing. In addition, I will introduce you to my new racing car in a unique predator design and take you for a spin on the Nürburgring Grand Prix circuit. Furthermore. 

Before the test drives on the Nürburgring and Zandvoort started, I still lacked a bit of confidence in the car, especially in curves where the car became restless. With increasing confidence, my pace has also improved steadily. The tires usually have even more grip than the car gave me at the first moment, I just got a feel for it and that's a point I was able to improve on at the start of the season at the Lausitzring.

With our second place in the rain race at the Sachsenring, I proved that I have gained confidence in our mid-engine sports car even in wet conditions and it surprised myself how much fun I had in the race in such difficult conditions. 


You can follow my story of simracing in real motorsports this year again on my Instagram-(@keeponracing) and Facebook channel (KEEPONRACING.DE) as well as on KEEPONRACING.DE and my column on simracing-unlimited.com


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