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“A Great Honor”: Teichmann Represents Mexico at FIA Motorsport Games

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The Circuit Paul Ricard is going to be all about the the FIA Motorsport Games from October 26th to 30th. For the first time ever, the event’s Esports Cup discipline will be ran using Assetto Corsa Competizione – and German SimRacing team Geekz Energy will be represented with driver Michael Teichman, who is going to compete for Mexico.

Though his name might not give it away immediately, Teichmann holds the Mexican citizenship. “I was born in Mexico but have the German citizenship as well because of my father”, explains the 26-year-old. He got his secondary school degree in Germany, then went on to attend high school and college in the United States in Michigan.

Teichmann has since returned to Germany and competes for Geekz Energy. His SimRacing activities are rooted in the other side of the globe, however. “You could say I am a SimRacing dinosaur”, says Teichmann with a smile. “I started in 2014 when I was living in the US and raced in rFactor and Game Stock Car, so in many Brazilian and some US leagues.” After shifting focus to rFactor 2, time zones made racing difficult, “but since I got back to Germany, I get to race more.”

With the official start for his native country, Teichmann’s career has a new highlight coming up. “It is the first time that I get to compete for Mexico in a tournament like this, so it is a great honor”, says the Geekz pilot, who had to prove himself to get the seat: “Initially, I had applied to race for Mexico three or four months ago. There were only three or four drivers in Mexico that have the level to compete in the event.”

One such driver is Yordi Maldonado. “He has a lot of experience in SimRacing, has competed in the McLaren World’s Fastest Gamer events”, knows Teichmann. “I knew he would be my number one rival, and we battled the entire time” After setting hotlaps and taking part in unofficial FIA events, the decision fell on Teichmann – “about a month ago, I was told that I get to drive”, the SimRacer remembers.

That did not mean less work, however: Ever since he got the nod for the FIA Motorsport Games, Teichmann has been busy in the rig. “Over the past month, I have put a lot of time into the preparation”, says Teichmann. “I am grateful for my teammates who know ACC well and can read telemetry data. For two weeks, we have been driving for about two hours basically every night and then analyzed the telemetry to find the ideal setup for me.”

As a result, Teichmann will travel to Le Castellet, where the Circuit Paul Ricard is located, well-prepared. It is not going to be the first time the Mexican is going to be at the track, however: “I used to work for Fanatec and got to help with the very first SRO Fanatec World Challenge. It was the first time I visited a race track in Europe.” That is not the sole reason the circuit is special to Teichmann, though: “The SimRacing Club, which organizes the Virtual Endurance Championship, has run a Nations Cup using Formula 3 cars at virtual Paul Ricard a few years ago, where I took part for Mexico”, explains Teichmann. “I won – which is why it is a special track to me.”

Of course, Teichmann is not going to France just to take part in the event – “the most important thing to me is getting out of round one”, says Teichmann about his goals. “And if I can make it to the semi-finals, that would be great for me.”

The Esports Cup kicks off at 12pm CEST on October 27th with the first free practice session. For all the info about the event, head over to the official homepage of the FIA Motorsport Games.