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AbA Masters: Harhoff keeps perfect score

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The Aba Masters continues to be in the firm grasp of Leon Harhoff: The Racing Car Benz driver took victory in the fourth round of the unique championship, in which every participant uses the same hardware, yet again. The overall leader managed to beat his teammate Maximilian Rörig at the Nürburgring.

It was clear that both drivers would be forces to be reckoned with in qualifying already: A mere 0.014 seconds separated pole sitter Harhoff from Rörig, only third-placed Sebastian Deck could keep up with the pair – the rest of the field took to the grid in the virtual Eifel with about half a second of difference.

Deck did not hold back at the start, however, running side by side with Rörig in the second turn already, eventually taking second place. Up front, Harhoff slowly managed to pull away, and Deck increased the gap to Rörig as well as laps kept counting down.

That did not mean that the battle for second place – in P1, Harhoff kept extending his lead – was over yet: In the final third of the race, Rörig found better pace, got close to Deck and upped the pressure considerably. Deck managed to hang on for a while, but with three laps to go, the second-placed driver in the overall standings upped the ante even more: Rörig managed to get alongside Deck entering the AMG-Arena, the pair ran side-by-side through the first sector – eventually, Rörig pulled through.

Despite not being able to create a sizeable gap, he would stay there for the rest of the race. Meanwhile, Harhoff drove toward his fourth win in the fourth race of the season without any pressure, and he increased his championship lead to a whopping 46 points.

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This gives him a superb position to enter the second half of the season, which starts with round five at Laguna Seca on February 12th. In the meantime, you can re-watch the full race – we have embedded it for you below.