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Apex Racing Team wins ERL Fall Cup Masters

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  • Top-quality race to round off the year in the Esports Racing League.
  • 3,500 Euro prize money for the victorious Apex Racing Team.
  • Rcadia in Hamburg announced as the venue for ERWC II.

Top-quality races, thrilling battles for position and a worthy winner: the ERL Fall Cup Masters was a fitting conclusion to the regular season in the Esports Racing League (ERL). The Apex Racing Team prevailed in the finale on the iRacing platform against Team Redline, who nonetheless remain top seeds for the Esports Racing World Cup 2023. ERWC II will take place in Hamburg as a live event, from the 24th to 26th February. Rcadia Esport & Gaming will be the setting for the twelve teams from the ERL season 2022 to battle for prize money of 50,000 Euro.
Thanks to their Masters victory, Yohann Harth, Peter Berryman and Jamie Fluke from the Apex Racing Team can enjoy the prize of more than 3,500 US dollars. However, the ERL Fall Cup Masters had started in anything but promising fashion for the trio. In the first race round of the evening, Harth, Berryman and Fluke came up against the BS+COMPETITION team in 3vs3 mode on the virtual Hockenheimring – and lost out after a tough battle. The team from Corby needed the “Second Chance Race” to find their rhythm and qualify for the quarter-final, where they faced BS+COMPETITION once again. Thanks to a great manoeuvre from Berryman in the penultimate corner, the Apex Racing Team got their revenge in what is set to go down as one of the best-quality races in the history of the Esports Racing League. After an equally exciting semi-final against TRITON Racing, the finale pitted them once again against Team Redline in a battle of the behemoths.
A jump-start from Enzo Bonito in race one and the disqualification of his team-mate Patrik Holzmann shortly afterwards saw the Apex Racing Team take a 1:0 lead. Harth, Berryman and Fluke followed this up with a tactical masterclass in the second race to ensure that they would not relinquish this position.
Reactions from the winners:
Peter Berryman (Apex Racing Team): “We had a few scares early on, but we managed to pull through. I honestly think we deserve this so much. Today I think we have been the best team. I can’t thank my teammates enough. We are experienced enough to know what is going on, we don’t need one person to cheer us up. We are super happy.
Jamie Fluke (Apex Racing Team): “Our battle with BS+COMPETITION was hard and fair. You don’t want to take too many chances and pick up penalty points. Full credit to BS+COMPETITION, we had two hard fights. Anyone can beat anyone at this level, it was never easy. Fighting Team Redline is a toss of a coin, today the better end was on our side.
Yohann Harth (Apex Racing Team): “It’s very different being with your team-mates in the facility and a big improvement compared to being alone. This helps us a lot. Luckily, in the final, I was the guy in third place and I was able to build a gap to Peter and Jamie.