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Asetek Sells Starter Kit for Ultimate LMP Rig

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If you have taken a look at the Asetek SimSports booth at the 2022 ADAC SimRacing Expo, chances are you will not have missed the eye-catcher that was the Ligier JS P3 LMP3 car the Danes had brought. Now, you can bring home at least parts of it to create your ultimate LMP-style rig – and Asetek throws in a hardware bundle as well. There is a condition, though.

Asetek CEO André Eriksen recently posted to a Facebook group for SimRacing rigs that the company is looking to upgrade their 2019 version of the V8-engined race car. Therefore, two complete sets of carbon fiber bodywork are for sale – including headlights, LEDs, and even the rear wing. The car itself will not be included, of course, but Eriksen remarks that elements like a roof, windshield and doors can be purchased from Ligier.

Should you decide to grab the carbon fiber exterior of the LMP3 vehicle, you will be given a factory tour as well. That is not all, though: To get you started on the creation of your ultimate rig, Asetek includes their top-end Invicta pedals and 27Nm wheel base plus a Forte steering wheel. Not a bad deal for 15.000€, if you ask us.

The one condition that might make this deal more difficult to take for some is that all of it has to be picked up at the Asetek factory in Aalborg, Denmark. The return, however, is pretty remarkable.