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Asetek Shows Details of La Prima, Forte-Wheel & S Series

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With its unveiling of three wheel bases, Asetek SimSports wowed the SimRacing world – but the Danish manufacturer was not done there: Having announced the La Prima range alongside the bases already, CEO & Founder André Eriksen now introduced its devices in detail, as well as the brand-new Forte Wheel and S Series pedals.

Covering three levels from entry to high end with its freshly introduced bases, Asetek’s La Prima base targets the former and was announced to only be available bundled with a steering wheel and pedals of the same range. Those have now been unveiled, and they share many of the same philosophies of the wheel bases.

The La Prima Pedals

Just like the base itself, the La Prima pedals can be upgraded to a higher spec. Eriksen underscored that the two-pedal set features the same build quality and specs than the Invicta set one step up, with the main differences being cosmetic. However, the add-on clutch pedal will not feature the cantilever system used to simulate a bite point, and the La Prima pedals do not make use of Asetek’s hydraulic T.H.O.R.P. system – which can be added to the brake as an upgrade, though, just like the LEDs and the throttle adjustment system of the Invicta series. Meanwhile, the clutch pedal is not part of the bundle, and sold separately for €149,99.

© Asetek SimSports

New Formula Wheels

The brand-new steering wheels had been seen in a few social media posts already, now they are here: Both the La Prima and Forte versions of the wheel are identical in shape, with the latter featuring four more thumb encoders and two more switches. The open-handle wheels have a reinforced internal design to eliminate any flex, and the grips can be switched.

The La Prima wheel will only be available in the aforementioned bundle. Meanwhile, the Forte wheel can be yours for €599,99. Eriksen promised that the two wheels are not going to be only ones Asetek is going to manufacture, mentioning that more wheels will be coming in the future.

© Asetek SimSports

S Series Pedals

So far, Asetek pedals came with a single base plate for the brake and throttle, with the clutch being a separate add-on with its own plate. The S Series pedals now allow for more flexibility when mounting the pedals: They are the same pedals as the conventional models, only separated. The S Series versions are slightly more expensive compared to the others, which was explained by Eriksen as being a result of the manufacturing cost of a single plate being almost the same as a combined one. S Series versions are only available for the Forte and Invicta pedal sets.