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Automobilista 2: Reiza Teases New F1 Generation

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The new Formula 1 season is just two races old but has already delivered spectacular racing. SimRacers can recreate this soon in Automobilista 2: Developer Reiza Studios tweeted a teaser of an open-wheeler that looks suspiciously like an F1 car of the newest generation – and it is scheduled for release with the next update.

Recently, Reiza knocked it out of the park regarding new content with the addition of IndyCars and Champ Cars of the 1995, 1998 and 2000 seasons. Now, fans of the sim can look forward to another exciting vehicle. Reiza may not have an official F1 license, so real-life teams and drivers will not be included, but just like for all the other F1-inspired car classes, community skin packs and AI files will likely remedy this soon after release.

With the upcoming car, the F1 lineup of AMS2 is going to span over 50 years, starting in the 1960s. Some authentic Formula 1 cars can be found in the various classes, however, like the Brabham BT46, the McLaren MP4/1C or multiple challengers of the legendary Team Lotus.

No word on whether the new car is going to be a DLC or integrated free of charge like most other cars that have been released in the past is out yet, just like a date for the release of the update. However, Reiza promises more info to be made public soon.

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