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Automobilista 2: V1.4 to be Biggest Step Forward Yet

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Reiza Studios is still hard at work with Automobilista 2. Version 1.4 should have seen a massive improvement for the sim yet again, being due to drop in July. Fans of the sim are still waiting for the update – but it will be worth the wait, as Reiza’s Lead Developer Renato Simioni promises. The July update is set to combine with the one planned for August to take “a bigger step than we’ve managed in any other period in AMS2 development.”

As SimRacers have become used to by now, Reiza does not keep anyone in the dark when it comes to AMS2’s development status. Instead, Simioni explained the delay in a forum post, outlining the reasons behind the decision. “We’ve actually gone further than originally expected in many key areas of the game, making v1.4 an even bigger step forward than we had originally planned”, states Simioni. “Everyone in the team is anxious to share what we’ve been putting together, and we hope you’ll agree when you get your hands on it that experiencing it in full was worth waiting a few more weeks for.”

Reiza does not want to release things that are half-ready, as numerous elements of the sim are subject of substantial change, as was outlined in the July Dev Update. Big improvements under the hood are to be expected, just like Part 3 of the Racin’ USA DLC, which will see the introduction of oval racing in Automobilista 2. With the delay of the v1.4 update, SimRacers will have to wait a little bit longer for this as well.

The exact changes that are set to transform AMS2 have not been named, but Simioni states that he would have a new edition of the Dev Update ready this week. Keep your eyes open for any updates on SimRacing Unlimited.