Formula USA Gen 1 cars crossing the finish line at Auto Club Speedway in Automobilista 2

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Automobilista 2’s V1.4 Update Promises Enormous Leap

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After the news of the planned July and August updates for Automobilista 2 being merged, Reiza Studios made the community wait for the next dev update, outlining what exactly the Brazilians are working on. The wait was well worth it: V1.4 promises to raise AMS2 to unprecedented heights with the implementation of oval racing and numerous other exciting features.

As has been known for a while, the upcoming update would bring part 3 of the Racin’ USA DLC to the Sim, although its content had not been confirmed yet until the release of the most recent dev update. A screenshot in the announcement of pushing back the July update strongly hinted at World Wide Technology Raceway, better known as Gateway, and, by extension, a modern IndyCar due to the series’ logo being clearly visible on the outside wall of the track.

Both have now been confirmed to be on their way, as well as Auto Club Speedway, better known as Fontana. The oval track had been a staple of IndyCar racing for years in its 2-mile configuration, with Gil de Ferran setting the fastest-ever qualifying speed there in 2000, averaging 388.541 km/h (241.428 mph) in his Reynard-Honda – a run well worth watching just for the sound alone. The track was set to be downsized considerably in recent years, but the reconstruction has not been carried out yet.

Automobilista 2 AMS2 IndyCar Reiza Studios @Reiza Studios

In addition to Gateway and Fontana, the superspeedway layout of Daytona, which is already in the sim in its road course guise, will be added, raising the amount of oval tracks in AMS2 to four, thanks to the Rio Oval being already there. To properly implement oval racing, full-course yellows will make their debut in the sim. The full-course caution system will later be refined to include the tracks’ lighting systems, marshals waving flags and a visible pace car. Road racing variations like a Virtual Safety Car are also on the horizon.

Aero configurations for short ovals and superspeedways for the existing IndyCars will also be implemented, including the Hanford Device rear wings on the 1998 and 2000 cars. Speaking of aero configurations: Reiza will also add low-downforce wings for several formula cars to better match high-speed tracks like Monza or the Hockenheimring as it stood until 2001. These configurations will be selected automatically for the tracks they would have been run on.

Automobilista CART Fontana Auto Club Speedway @Reiza Studios

Other Highlights

  • The Mercedes-AMG GT4 expands the GT4 class to six cars.
  • The Ginetta G55 GT3 will join the Ultima GTR in the GT Open Class.
  • A 1965 Mini Cooper joins the Copa Classic.
  • The fictional Vulkan Truck will join the Copa Truck class.
  • Custom helmets and race suits make their debut, meaning fully recreating authentic grids in combination with custom AI files will be possible.
  • Advanced Mechanical Damage Modeling will introduce a wide variety of mechanical failures, affecting both the player and AI.
  • Massive revisions to tire and track physics are coming as well, meaning physics updates may only be necessary when big updates drop, but not for the smaller ones in between.

With its “biggest update yet”, as the dev diary claims, AMS2 continues its strong upward trend of recent months. V1.4 does not have a set release date yet but is planned to go live in August. Another surprise has not been named in the dev update yet. You can find the full update by Reiza’s Renato Simioni here.