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Better Physics, Custom Lobbies: Big Spring Update for Circuit Superstars

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Original Fire Games once again has not held back: With the new Spring Patch Update, the developer has brought exciting new content and features to Circuit Superstars that further improve the fun racer with sim elements.

In the shadow of Assetto Corsa Competizione’s Challengers Pack DLC release, the new update may have flown under the radar of quite a few SimRacers – however, they should not miss out on the new version: The game now features a touring car in the Road Rebel, as well as two new tracks in the Speedopolis oval (inspired by the Indianapolis Motor Speedway) and Thunder Point (inspired by Road America).

Meanwhile, the physics model has been improved as well, which is supposed to help with racing close by other cars, according to Original Fire. Another welcome addition: Players are now able to host their own online lobbies and do not have to rely on the integrated matchmaking alone anymore. This element opens the door for league racing as well – it is not unthinkable that Circuit Superstars might take the step to the esports stage next.

On top of this, several bug fixes are included as well – you can find the complete patch notes on the official Circuit Superstars website.