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Chic in Steel: ImSim Officially Introduces Talento Sim Pedals

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ImSim is mainly known for its motion simulators – but now, the Portuguese manufacturer is entering the world of SimRacing hardware in a different discipline as well: After weeks of teasing, their Talento Sim Pedals have now officially been unveiled after being developed with feedback from SimRacers at ADAC SimRacing Expo.

Designed with the aims of comfort and durability in mind, ImSim’s Talento pedals are a stainless steel construction and promise to be a high-performance set. While the brake pedal sports a load cell capable of measuring 200kg of pressure, the throttle and the optional clutch pedal use “automotive-grade position sensors.”

ImSim also promises high customizability regarding the position of the pedals and their faceplates, as well as the feel of each pedal including their pedal travel. The software that comes with the pedals allows users to customize their pedal curves and save different configurations.

The optional Performance Kit unlocks even more customizability: The kit comes with two brackets that can be mounted underneath the pedal faceplates and stop the user’s feet from slipping off the pedal, as well as multiple elastomers and spacers to achieve different brake pedal stiffness. This way, a maximum braking force of 160kg can be configured on the Talento pedals – on the other end of the spectrum, a 30kg setup is also possible.

A practical pedal plate can be added as well. This base plate allows users to mount and adjust their pedals without needing to access the underside of the plate, making setting up the desired positions much easier. The plate also comes with a heel plate that can be adjusted in height, meaning a comfortable position for all sizes of feet is achievable.

By the way: The journey from concept to the eventual pedal set really gathered steam at the 2021 ADAC SimRacing Expo where ImSim presented a prototype with multiple options, gathering feedback from visitors on preferences and options. To see how the Portuguese approached this, take a look at their video of the event below. Be sure to check out the Talento website as well for all the details about the pedals.