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Cube Controls: Two More AMG Wheels Are Coming

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We have already taken a look at Cube Controls’ year recently, but the 2022 ADAC SimRacing Expo also offered a glimpse of things to come. The Italians did not hold back: Not only is their lineup due for an update, there are also multiple new entries in the pipeline.

Among the new wheels shown in Nuremberg was the GT Pro, which is set to replace the predecessor by the same name. The most noticeable difference: It does not use a fully-closed rim anymore, instead opting for an open top. “The GT Pro and our new F-CORE share the same philosophy”, stated Cube Controls’ Francesco Delrio at the Expo, hinting at both wheels being meant for the entry level.

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That does not mean that they are of lower quality: Backlit buttons, RPM LEDs, grips in either suede, alcantara or polyurethane. “In its standard version, the GT Pro does not come with clutch paddles, a starter pack, if you will”, said Delrio. “But they are easy to apply yourself.” In fact, just two screws per paddle need to be removed and reapplied – the connector is right there for the paddles to work.

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Somewhat higher on the ladder is the GTX 2: Despite having GT in its name, it would not look out of place in a formula car, sporting a 5” display, and – in a move away from conventional upper paddles – toggle switches above the shifter paddles. “We have completely redesigned the wheel”, Delrio explained. “It is modular. You can change the grips to customize your diameter and material.” Both the GTX 2 and the GT Pro should go hand-in-hand with a brand-new 6.8” dashboard Cube Controls also showed in Nuremberg.

On the top end of the Italian’s steering wheel line up are two more Mercedes-AMG wheels. Or at least they are going to be – both versions shown at SRE22 were prototypes. One of them is a SimRacing version of the wheel found in the real Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series car made from aluminium. Delrio shed some light on how the partnership with the manufacturer came to be: “The collaboration started with talks about SimRacing, and only then about the car. We took the challenge, and it is good to see how our know-how could be applied to real motorsport.”

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Featuring an all-new shape, a Mercedes-AMG carbon fiber wheel was also present at the Cube Controls booth. “This was designed for SimRacing entirely”, remarked Delrio. The wheel features a structured front plate, meaning it is not all flat and giving it a unique and high-end look. The weight, meanwhile, is on the lower end – the rim weighs in at less than 900 grams.

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After having shown a prototype at the 2021 ADAC SimRacing Expo already, Cube Controls brought a reworked version of its upcoming pedals to the 2022 edition as well – with the intent to finally release them in Q1 of 2023. “We had issues with our suppliers. The pedals should have been released already, as they are in their final design”, explained Delrio. The brake pedal is going to be part hydraulic and will feature adjustable springs and elastomers. A clutch pedal will be released later.

An exciting 2023 is upon Cube Controls then – which of the upcoming products are you looking forward to the most? Let us know in the comments!