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Direct Drive On A Budget: Moza Racing Unveils R9 Wheel Base

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Der Name Moza Racing ist in SimRacing-Kreisen noch recht unbekannt: Im vergangenen Jahr stellte der Hersteller mit der R16 eine Direct-Drive-Wheelbase sowie die CRP-Pedale und das RS-Lenkrad als erste Produkte vor. Sie wurden nur bedingt gut aufgenommen – nun stellt sich Moza aber auf, Fanatecs CSL DD als Budget-DD-Base anzugreifen – zumindest auf den ersten Blick.

In its base version, Fanatec’s CSL DD offers 5Nm of torque, which is upped to 8Nm with the boost kit. Total price: About €480. The R9 is slightly stronger and is listed for about €400. A considerable advantage, you would think – but shipping and VAT still come on top. With these factored in, customers are looking at a €750 total since the hardware is shipped from China – and the argument of a good price goes up in smoke.

The R9 does come with interesting features, though: Like with the R16 base, a Moza display can be mounted and connected, and there is an app to change the base’s parameters and those of the connected wheel (with the GS, Moza now offers a wheel in GT/Open Wheel shape as well) quickly and easily. The R9 also transmits both data and power wirelessly to the connected wheel.

Moza is going to have a hard time on the European market if they can not find a way to lower the astronomical shipping costs, however. Currently, the only way to order the base is via the Moza shop – thus, the base is likely only going to be an option for a lot of SimRacers once the manufacturer can find a vendor in Europe.