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Drivers’ Pack now hits RaceRoom

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Another wonderful feature of any racing simulator is addition content being provided, especially when it comes to the cars that are added to the ever-increasing list of choices we get to experience in the sim racing world. That is very much the case with the latest addition to RaceRoom – the Drivers’ Pack!

The current fourth-generation of this iconic drop-top racer headlines the latest content drop on the platform, which is also the car that is the stalwart of the awesome Global MX-5 Cup, which is the best combination for a small sportscar.

It’s lightweight, front-engined, rear-wheel-drive and the perfect way to get to grips with racing for many beginners, along with experienced drivers who will be able to exploit the maximum out of this car, which has been around since 1989 in real-life.

In addition to this, here’s what else you can experience as a part of this pack:

  • The classic Crosslé 9S, the ever-compliant 1960s sports prototype.
  • The Crosslé 90F – giving you the “wind in your hair” feel via this single-seater.
  • The Praga R1 – the very car that a certain Jimmy Broadbent has been racing for the past two seasons and even won a championship this year in the UK Praga Cup.
  • The Charade circuit in France.

To get your hand on the Drivers’ Pack itself, you can head to the following link:


Happy trails!