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Esports Focus, Mod Support: RENNSPORT to be the Next Big Sim?

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Esports on an entirely new level? This is what RENNSPORT is aiming for – the upcoming sim project promises a completely different approach compared to most other racing simulators. Focusing on competition first and foremost, a completely fresh start wants to achieve maximum realism.

Munich-based Competition Company has been working quietly on the upcoming sim since 2020 and now made its efforts public. According to the RENNSPORT website, an entirely different approach is meant to lead the sim to success: “Starting from scratch, technological advancement and modern software architecture enables us to take the next step in virtual racing experiences.”

This is supposed to have its roots in the approach to esports already: A competition system is supposed to reward sportsmanlike behavior and competition spirit. Also, RENNSPORT is going to feature a base for broadcasts, including tools for interaction with the audience and streaming.

Additionally, the community is going to be another focal point – “Real Digital Ownership” is one of the core principles in this regard, encouraging modders to use RENNSPORT as a platform. “Your assets will be owned by you. And you can trade them through the marketplace of your choice.” Individual tracks and vehicles are mentioned specifically, another toolkit to promote community creations is planned as well.

Speaking of vehicles: In BMW and Porsche, two famous manufacturers that have increasingly active in esports are already on board with the sim, meaning they have a leg up regarding esports on marques like Mercedes-AMG who are absent thus far. The RENNSPORT website displays screenshots of the Porsche 991 II GT3 and the BMW M4 GT3 at the Hockenheimring.

RENNSPORT is set to use the Unreal Engine 5. Regarding the physics model, experts from the automotive industry will be consulted to create a realistic representation.

While the announcement came seemingly out of nowhere, RENNSPORT is not far from a playable state: Already in summer of 2022, a closed beta is supposed to start to prepare the sim for an open beta phase in early 2023. The sim is being developed exclusively for the PC.