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ADAC SimRacing Expo 2022: Event Schedule for December 3rd

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Highlights following highlights. After the final of the Community Trophy on Friday, Saturday at the 2022 ADAC SimRacing Expo offers even more SimRacing action for esports fans. Exhibitor talks and more panel talks on our show stage round out the program – find out what we have planned for December 3rd.

We will be going full throttle early on already: At 11am, the green flag for the final of the Professional Trophy by Simracing.GP flies, six hours of racing on the GP layout of the Nürburgring for the championship in the endurance series lie ahead.

A Virtual Le Mans Series segment for its round at Sebring, which some teams are going to compete in while on-site at the ADAC SimRacing Expo, is part of the program as well as presentations by Trak Racer, Simucube, Gridfinder and e:fs. In the evening, we will see the finish of the Professional Trophy – including the award ceremony for the winners!

Of course, the Expo’s Saturday will be broadcast via live stream – this way, anyone who cannot be on-site for the SimRacing event of the year will not have to miss a second! You can tune in here: