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Expo Insight: Wamser and Giusa as Podcast Guests

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Preparations for the 2022 ADAC SimRacing Expo are fully underway, and the event is already shaping up to be an incredible experience for SimRacers and motorsport enthusiasts alike from December 1st to 4th. To make things even more exciting, cowana CEO Michael Wamser and Head of SimRacing Danny Giusa are guests in brand-new podcast episodes. Of course, both of them share some interesting insight into the planning stages of the SimRacing Expo.

Together with host Curdt Blumenthal, Wamser recaps the past few years, the rising popularity of SimRacing and the first steps of cowana with the ADAC SimRacing Expo in the Beyond Simracing podcast. Of course, their view is not only focused on the past, but also what is coming up: Wamser explains what SimRacers can look forward to at the Expo’s new home at NürnbergMesse, which familiar faces are going to be there, and more.

The newest episode of Beyond Simracing can be found here – it is a German podcast, however, so if you do not know the language, this one might not be for you.

Luckily, Giusa’s guest appearance on the Grid Finder Sim Sundays podcast is a great alternative – completely in English: Host Tom Stapley-Bunten and Giusa talk about his career in SimRacing and his roots in karting, his work as cowana’s Head of SimRacing and, of course, take a look at what to expect for the 2022 ADAC SimRacing Expo. He also reveals a very interesting bit of info regarding the event – make sure to tune in!

You can find the most recent episode of the Grid Finder Sim Sundays podcast here.