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F1 22: EA Reveals Cross Play Release

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More small fixes are coming to make the lives of F1 22 players easier: EA Sports has released the update to v1.09 including adjustments to various elements of the mechanics – and an interesting announcement for later this week.

The update itself is not exactly game changing, with the focus being on fixes for minor game mechanic issues that were not working as intended. As an example, shifting for automatic gearboxes has been improved, eliminating the problem of running hitting the rev limiter for too long before upshifts. Various other bugs have been fixed as well.

The most exciting part of the update is an announcement in the changelog: Only after reading the change notes, the log mentions that the release of cross play is imminent – the function had been tested for two successive weekends in August and is now ready to be rolled out. Cross play will be available “later this week”, and EA introduces it as an optional feature, meaning players can choose whether or not they want to race players on other platforms.

Cross play enables F1 22 players to race each other regardless of the platform they are using. Ýou can check out the full change log as well as instructions on enabling cross play here.