Intentional Cheaters in F1 Esports?

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F1 Esports Intentional Cheating?

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The rumours don’t stop but is there cheating in F1 Esports? Williams Esports driver Álvaro Carretón fuels this discussion with an explosive Twitch clip, but will it be his undoing?

In recent weeks, we have reported on various instances of unsportsmanlike conduct or cheating in sim racing, such as the use of the apron at the 24 Hours of Daytona and already also on F1 Esports in an interview with Premier Sim Gaming League (PSGL) CEO Connor McDonagh.

However, in the last few days, events have come thick and fast. In a PSGL race, Álvaro Carretón streamed his race and switched to the desktop during free practice to show a folder.

The explosive thing about this reveal is that these are cheats for F1 ’22. The Twitter clip has now reached over 340,000 people and reflects very badly on the Williams Esports driver, who has since released a statement.

Unfortunately, we cannot confirm whether this statement is true at this time, but until convicted of guilt, they are presumed innocent. Proving his innocence is now in the hands of Codemasters and EA, but is there such a programme to convict cheaters?

In the community, people are unsure why they use such a practice in the first place? Even F1 Esports World Champion Jarno Opmeer expressed his frustration about this way of communication.

We will continue to monitor the issue for you over the next few weeks and keep you up to date as it happens!
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Image Credit: EA Sports – F1 22