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Getting Faster With The VBOX Sim Pack: How Esports Pros Kiefer & Haddad Improve

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Take a look under the hood: Knowing where to find those precious extra tenths is important – VBOX by Racelogic knows that from experience in motorsports. Now, their Sim Pack makes it possible for sim racers to benefit from their systems as well, as top F1 eSports drivers Marcel Kiefer and Daniele Haddad experienced.

Learning a track and where to improve needs data, and the VBOX Sim Pack provides just that: The system records inputs and car parameters to visualize them, which can help to identify areas to improve upon – just like in real race cars. Kiefer and Haddad are shown to be working with driver coach Stuart Moseley to analyze their performance.

As many sim racing teams work with engineers these days, this proves to be a handy tool for them to maximize their performance. The Sim Pack makes it possible to read out data with the Circuit Tools software, which grants insight into all the important parameters – including side-by-side video so the effect of different data can be seen and compared immediately. Both motorsports and sim racing are a game of milliseconds, after all.