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Gran Turismo 7: VR Revolution for Consoles?

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VR for sim racers might be becoming more accessible than ever with the latest announcement surrounding Gran Turismo 7: The current iteration of the legendary PlayStation series of racing titles is set to get full PSVR2 support once the evolution of Sony’s virtual reality headset releases in late February – and this could open the door for more!

Boasting four times the resolution at up to 120 fps compared to the first iteration, PSVR2 is set to offer VR fans a much-improved experience on the PlayStation 5 console. Sim racers get to join in on the fun once the new hardware launches on February 22nd. While GT7’s predecessor Gran Turismo Sport also supported the first iteration of PSVR, it only allowed for races against a lone AI opponent.

There will be no such extreme limitation for PSVR 2 in GT7: The number of AI opponents will be increased to 12, and apart from local multiplayer, all of its modes will be compatible with VR in the new 2000×2040 resolution for each eye.

This might open up other possibilities for getting into VR sim racing on PS5: The optimized console version of Assetto Corsa Competizione has gained considerable popularity, and with the high-end nature of the PS5, adding PSVR2 should not be out of the question. This might make VR sim racing much more accessible in general, as there is no need for a high-end PC to enjoy a racing title in VR with decent performance.

Speaking of PC: The new hardware is unlikely to be compatible with computers, according to a Road to VR article, quoting the developer of iVRy Driver, which made the first iteration of PSVR work on PC.

PSVR2 is priced at 599,99€ and can already be preordered on the PlayStation website.