Screenshot of the new Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel

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Logitech: New DD Wheel and Pedals Leaked

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The rumor mill had been running hot after a small teaser, now there is certainty: Logitech will enter the direct drive market with a brand-new wheel and launch a new set of pedals. Even before the Logi PLAY event was scheduled, the product page for the new wheel went online, revealing interesting details about the wheel and pedals which will be called Logitech G PRO Racing Wheel and Logitech PRO Pedals.

Pickung up where the teaser left off, Logitech showed the new wheel and pedals with the help of McLaren F1 driver Lando Norris. The Briton is seen walking towards a rig with the wheel rim in hand, meaning the new base features a removable wheel, opening up the possibility of different rims being made by Logitech in the future.

On the wheel’s product page, the specs read promising. Features include:

– 11nm of torque

– Removable wheel rim

– Magnetic shifter paddles

– Clutch paddles

– LED display integrated with the base for settings and info

The wheel’s quick release connector looks to be a unique design, meaning other wheels likely will not be compatible without an adaptor. A redesigned desk clamp is also part of the package, though most SimRacers would likely prefer to mount the wheel base using bolts.

The PRO pedals are customizable and come with different springs and elastomers. The brake uses a load cell, and the pedals are movable on the pedal plate, even allowing for the removal of pedals entirely.

An instructions video posted to the wheel’s product page gives more insight, though at the time of writing, the exact features of the peals are not yet known.