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iRacing: Rain Leak in Porsche Cup?

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iRacing prides itself in being the premier competitive racing simulation on the market, but thus far, SimRacers have only been able to drive in dry conditions. This might change very soon, though: Rain was first reported to be in the works in the summer of 2021 – an interesting find after the latest update could mean that inclement weather might be around the corner.

No matter the time of day, iRacing’s track conditions have never been anything but dry. Especially for endurance racing, however, the element of changeable weather conditions needs to factor in more variables than changing temperatures and cloud cover – and iRacing agrees.

While rain is still nowhere to be found after Patch 2 for Season 1 2023, the update introduces numerous small fixes and improvements to vehicles in particular, as well as tweaks to the UI. Interestingly, Dan Suzuki found a rather unexpected setup option for the Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (992) car, which he promptly shared with Twitter.

Wet tires can be selected for the car, and not just in name, according to multiple reports, meaning the tires do not provide much grip in dry conditions. There is no visual difference to slicks at the moment, though.

Whether this was a leak or intentional is not quite clear, but it could mean that rain is just around the corner for iRacing, possibly for Season 2 of 2023. This would add an entirely new dimension to the simulation – one that more SimRacers should embrace, as we have written about here on SRU before.

What do you think about the possibly imminent addition of rain to iRacing? Let us know in the comments! Meanwhile, you can find the full change log of the update here.