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Max Verstappen Launches Own Racing Team

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Max Verstappen, the Formula 1 world champion, has officially launched “Verstappen.com Racing” as the combined force consisting of all racing initiatives supported by Verstappen.com, the official platform of Max Verstappen. Verstappen.com Racing is a brand-new initiative, fueled by the passion for racing that Max Verstappen unmistakably has and is fully supported by Red Bull, as part of the close relationship between Max and Red Bull.

Verstappen.com Racing has brought together racing teams from both the virtual and real world. From competing and winning events such as the Virtual Le Mans series, iRacing Endurance Events and many more, Verstappen.com Racing will be represented by Team Redline, made up of a multinational mix of real and virtual drivers.

In the real world Jos Verstappen, participating in the Belgian Rally Championship, is part of the Verstappen.com Racing team and it will also be supporting Thierry Vermeulen who debuts as a rookie in the ADAC GT Masters championship. All cars, both virtual and in the real world, will have the new Verstappen.com Racing x Red Bull logo prominently placed on their livery.

Red Bull is a founding partner of Verstappen.com Racing and together they combined forces, as part of the broader partnership between both parties that underlines the faith and commitment in each other. This is visible in the co-designed logo, which is a combination of both brand identities.

Max Verstappen says: “Racing has always been my biggest passion in life, from the moment I first stepped into a go-kart until today. Besides my own Formula 1 career, racing is what I dedicate most of my time to.”

“I am truly happy that, with the Verstappen.com Racing team, I can share the love for racing with drivers and teams I feel closely connected to. Apart from the fun it brings me, I can also share my racing knowledge with them, which hopefully helps everybody to improve themselves.”

“After agreeing upon a long-term deal with Red Bull Racing earlier this year, I am very happy to be part of the Red Bull family for many years to come. The close partnership with Red Bull as a company is also reflected in the fact that they are supporting the Verstappen.com Racing team for the coming years, which makes me very proud. I can’t wait to get started and keep pushing flat out.”

Verstappen.com is the official platform that combines all the content, fan engagement and commercial activities around Max Verstappen. In addition to the official Verstappen shop and Verstappen Travel, Verstappen.com is the number one destination for everyone who is interested in Max Verstappen and racing in general and is fueled by the passion for racing that Max Verstappen has.

For more info check Verstappen.com/Racing.

Source: Verstappen.com