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More Motion For Your Rig: Next Level Racing Unveils Motion Plus Platform

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Motion systems are an important step to make SimRacing more immersive – which is something Next Level Racing has known for quite while. With their newest system called “Motion Plus Platform”, the Australians promise to improve the experience even further.

The Motion Plus Platform is the newest high tech offering by Next Level Racing that is supposed to transform rigs like their F-GT Elite from static to movable. The system is compatible with all popular racing sims, and considerable improvements in VR compatibility are meant to make it even easier to deep-dive into your sim experience. On top of that, combining the platform with other motion systems like the Traction Plus Platform opens up the possibility of expanding the depth of the motion feedback.

The Motion Plus system features particularly quick reaction times and acceleration capabilities to transmit the effects from the simulation as authentically as possible. A bonus for flight sim fans: The new hardware is compatible to use with those simulations as well, meaning there is nothing in the way of a hybrid rig for racing and flying.

You can find all the details of the Motion Plus Platform at Next Level Racing’s website. Do you want to add the new platform to your rig? Next Level Racing is hosting a giveaway – see the Tweet below!