Thrustmaster T128 Wheel and T2PM Pedals

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New Entry-Level Wheel: Thrustmaster T128 is Here

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A brand new Thrustmaster wheel hits the SimRacing market – but it is not their long-awaited direct drive model: Instead of the higher-end hardware that is due for a reveal in November, the manufacturer introduced a entry level model named T128, which comes with a two-pedal set and with a moderate price tag.

Following the footsteps of the T248, the new T128 boasts a hybrid system of both gears and belts to produce its force feedback. The wheel itself looks similar to its bigger brother and features rev lights, magnetic shifter paddles and, interestingly, two handbrake buttons that are easily reachable with either thumb.

Meanwhile, the included pedal set is not the T3PM but rather a two-pedal set. Unlike other entry-level pedals, the set called T2PM does not use potentiometers, opting for magnetic sensors instead, which means greater durability and more precision.

The T128 is available in two versions with XBox and PlayStation compatibility, respectively. Both versions are PC compatible as well. At €199,99, the entry-level set that is intended to replace the T150 and TMX wheels is priced very competitively, especially for SimRacing beginners. On November 17th, Thrustmaster is set to finally unveil their new direct drive wheel via live stream on Twitch.