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New Logitech Wheel to be Revealed Soon?

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As one of the best-known manufacturers for SimRacing wheel and pedal sets, Logitech peripherals are probably the most widely available, especially for new SimRacers. However, their hardware has lacked some real innovation in recent years – this might change soon, however: A teaser for the upcoming Logi PLAY event heavily features F1 star Lando Norris using a wheel that looks different from Logitech’s current models.

With its wheels and pedals being sold as sets, Logitech is a go-to for many SimRacers on a budget or absolute beginners. Their current G923 wheels, though, mostly feature the same internals as their predecessors G29 and G920, which themselves were not much of a mechanical advance compared to the G27 and G25 before them. The wheels are well-known for their near-impeccable durability, however.

Relying on gear-driven Force Feedback, Logitech’s wheels have been behind the competition for some time now, as belt-driven options offer more precise and stronger FFB for similar asking prices. It might be possible that Logitech has now seen the need to step up to the plate if their Logi PLAY teaser is any indication.

Norris is seen racing on a wheel that is just out of shot, but during a shot of a rig starting about two seconds in, the silhouette of a wheel base that does not match the current Logitech offerings in any way can be seen. It looks very likely that a new wheel base will be revealed during the actual event.

Logi PLAY is set to happen on September 21st at 7pm CEST. You can watch the event live on Logitech’s Twitch channel.