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New Pedals from Denmark: Asetek Reveals Forte Set

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The premium model Invicta has not been available for long, but Asetek has another contender coming already: The Danes presented a more affordable pedal set called Forte, which is still supposed to live up to high standards.

The most notable difference to the Invicta set: The Forte pedals are not hydraulic but purely mechanic instead. Nevertheless, the pedals are supposed to mimic the feel of a hydraulic brake, and Asetek also promises that it will not become softer after a certain amount of usage like some competitors. The brake cylinder itself uses load cell technology.

At €499 for the base version, the Forte pedals are more affordable than the Invicta set. It can even be expanded with a clutch pedal – the Invicta Clutch System is compatible with the Forte as well. One of the most exciting features Asetek has not explicitly pointed out, however: While the Forte pedals are supposed to be PC-only for now, console support shall be added – just like for the Invicta Pedals. High-end options are far and few in between for console SimRacers thus far, but not for long according to Asetek.

You can find all features and specs on the Asetek website. There, you can pre-order the pedals as well, the first batch is expected to be shipped in late June.