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Predictive Lap Timing in Your Simulator: The VBOX Sim Pack

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Telemetry is key to go faster in professional racing as well as SimRacing. As the gap between real motorsports and SimRacing keeps getting smaller, VBOX by Racelogic now provides the same analysis tools that they offer for real race cars for simulators – the Sim Pack enables esports drivers to gain deeper insight into their driving even when they are on track thanks to predictive lap times.

Anyone who has seen the inside of a GT3 car or played Assetto Corsa Competizione will have seen the small blue Racelogic box that serves as a secondary display in the cockpit of the car. The software behind it is available for simulators as well, providing useful feedback to the drivers, be it a predicted lap time or the current delta.

Its features are appreciated by professional drivers, as Aston Martin works driver Darren Turner underlines – the Englishman is also the owner of Base Performance Simulators. To learn how the Sim Pack helps him, be sure to watch the video.