Reveal screenshot of the Formula RaceRoom X-22

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RaceRoom Announces Formula RaceRoom X-22

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The most recent generation of Formula 1 cars are popular in SimRacing: Apart from the obvious representation in F1 22, fictional interpretations of the single-seaters have popped up either as mods for Assetto Corsa or official content for Automobilista 2 – RaceRoom now follows suit: The sim’s Twitter account announced the imminent release of the Formula RaceRoom X-22.

Interpretations of a circa-1990 F1 car are already part of RaceRoom, just like a V10-powered version of a 2017 vehicle. The new car is going to be much closer to the current regulations of the world’s premier racing series, featuring DRS, three tire compounds, and variable engine maps and MGU-K modes. The X-22 is also going to feature more than 30 liveries, which are based on different nations, so there will be no shortage of variation on the grid.

To announce the car’s release for “the coming days”, RaceRoom posted a screenshot of the cars on the Zandvoort start/finish straight. The head-on camera perspective means that the final corner, the Arie Luyendyk Bocht, is visible in the distance – and it looks suspiciously like the reworked turn featuring an 18-degree banking and SAFER barrier on the outside. The release of an up-to-date Zandvoort would go well with the release of the X-22, as it hosts the Dutch Grand Prix on September 4th. Should RaceRoom release the track soon, it would be the only the second sim after rFactor 2 to feature an up-to-date version of the course, save for the EA Sports/Codemasters F1 series.