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Raceroom Introduces Ranked Multiplayer Championships

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Ranked races in multiplayer have been around for quite some time, but now Raceroom takes it to the next level: The sim now features Ranked Multiplayer Championships! To start, these are divided into three categories, in which SimRacers can participate depending on their reputation value.

The beginner championship is the BMW M235i Rookie Cup: There is no minimum reputation value, a fixed setup and 15-minute races in identical cars. The GT4 Trophy is more challenging, where SimRacers with a reputation of 75 or more can take part and choose between different cars and setup options to compete in 20-minute races.

The highest level of the Ranked Championships is the GT3 Pro Series. A reputation of 80 or higher opens the door to participation in this series, and vehicles from various manufacturers and builds are available to choose from in the GT3 class. The setups can also be changed, and the races are the longest among the Ranked Championships at 30 minutes.

The classes are divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold splits depending on their rating, with the latter being streamed live on YouTube. A maximum of 24 drivers are possible per split, so a race of a championship can have a maximum of 72 SimRacers on board. The races take place on fixed dates, which you can find below – for the top 10 of a championship vRP bonuses await as prizes, also drivers who participate in all races of a season receive an ingame currency reward. The top three also win Raceroom trophies. You can sign up for the series of your choice here.

Raceroom Ranked Championships – Schedule