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Start the Presses: VCO Announces Print Magazine “Send It”

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SimRacing is inherently digital in nature and takes place online in most cases, there is no second guessing this fact. The Virtual Competition Organisation now takes an analog approach and unveiled “Send It”, a print magazine focused on esports SimRacing – breaking with modern times deliberately, as the organization emphasizes.

The magazine is supposed to differentiate itself from usual online content, with the VCO focusing on background stories and high-quality journalism regarding current talking points in esports. In IndyCar driver Romain Grosjean, “Send It” has a well-known cover hero for their first issue, with YouTuber Jimmy Broadbent also being featured, among others.

“Send It” is set for a quarterly release in English. The first issue is going to be out in May, pre-orders are already possible at the VCO website. The essence, according the VCO’s Twitter account: “It’s not about likes or views.