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David Brabham: “For me, drivers are the main focus”

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The name Brabham is well-knonw and respected in its own right when it comes to motorsport, especially with Sir Jack Brabham being the only driver that has won the Formula 1 title back in 1966 with his own car, the BT19, but the move to sim racing for the brand took form back in March of last year.

Even with the fact that Brabham Esports are a relative newcomer to sim racing, David Brabham is heavily-invested with what it entails and how the brand, founded by his father, looks to move forward into the future.

He also discusses with SRU editor Alex Goldschmidt about competing in The Race All Stars, the collaboration into the simulator world with Base Performance Simulators and what he looks for in talent to join the team.

He then goes on to further expand on how he helps the drivers that have joined the team to have the right mindset and focus, using his vast experience to assist their progression.