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Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown Celebrates Car Ownership

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Radio silence had surrounded the development of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown after it was revealed that its release would be delayed into 2023 – but that does not mean that developer KT Racing has not been hard at work in the meantime: The first details about in-game mechanics have been released and focus on car dealers and workshops in the game.

Set in Hong Kong, Solar Crown is set to offer more free-roaming driving goodness on an enormous map, just like the previous TDU instalments have done. It would be easy to compare it to the Forza Horizon series – but the parallels already end with the topic of car ownership.

© Nacon/KT Racing

Unlike in Horizon, where players amass a big amount of vehicles very quickly, Solar Crown takes an entirely different approach in order to make buying a new car a special occasion, like it would be in real life: Players will have to work for the money they need to buy a new set of wheels, and they will be able to visit multiple dealerships, take a close look at the cars on offer – including their interiors – and go for Test Drives (as you would expect due to the game’s title).

“You can move around freely within the dealership, interact with the cars to choose the model you want, admire the exterior in detail, and get inside after opening the door to appreciate the comfort, try out the horn, and even start the engine, which is not always possible in real life!”, explains Creative Director Alain Jarniou. “Before making your final choice, you can obviously test drive the car to make sure the handling and driving meets your expectations.” Players will be able to visit 14 dealerships in total, all with different cars in their showrooms. Lamborghini and Ferrari will each have a bespoke dealership just for their cars.

© Nacon/KT Racing

The motto is clear: “We want each car you own to be something you love, an extension of yourself and your personality”, states the newsletter posted to the game’s Steam page. Adding to this is the upgrade system which includes workshops, where players will be able to upgrade 13 performance parts in 6 categories (12 parts for electric cars) as well as customize appearance of their vehicles even more. Even a livery editor will be available in Solar Crown. Jarniou further explains: “Whether it is to express your creativity to show off your style to other players or to tune your car to match the race conditions or explore of the beaten track, the Workshops are there to give you as many options as possible.”

You can find the full update here.