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Thrustmaster to Unveil DD Wheel Base in November

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Just last week, we were wondering when there would finally be more info on the upcoming Thrustmaster Direct Drive wheelbase – and our question got answered rather quickly: The official reveal of TM’s first DD competitor is going to happen on Twitch on November 17th.

The first bit of info on the Thrustmaster’s Direct Drive wheel base, which has yet to be named officially, since March has arrived – and it’s an announcement with roughly two months of lead time. On November 17th, TM is going to reveal their base via Twitch live stream. Should the manufacturer stick to the targeted 2022 release, availability of the device cannot be far off anymore, either.

You can find Thrustmaster’s Twitch channel here.

Interestingly enough, competitor Logitech might have something up their sleeve to take the fight to Thrustmaster, which should be revealed on Wednesday during Logi PLAY. We have already wondered if Logitech might be a surprise entrant into the DD ring with the teaser video the company published for the event – check our article on the upcoming Logi PLAY for more details.