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Welcome Aboard, Alex Goldschmidt!

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His voice should sound familiar to viewers of the Road 2 SimRacing Expo and Community Trophy final, and he is an active part of the SimRacing social media world as well – Alex Goldschmidt certainly is no stranger to the discipline. Now, it is time to get acquainted with his writing as well – SimRacing Unlimited is happy to welcome Alex to its editorial team!

Having worked in motorsport reporting since 2011, Alex first stepped into the commentary booth for karting events in 2017 where he can still be heard for Rotax MAX Euro Trophy and BNL Karting Series events. The jump to SimRacing events followed, and the list of organizations Alex has worked for includes SimSport Racing, World Pro Racing, The Sim Grid and the ADAC SimRacing Expo.

In 2020, Alex was able to take the step to work in motorsports and SimRacing full time, focusing on commentary and social media work. Now, he is going to contribute to the written content on SimRacing Unlimited – you can look forward to exciting articles and interesting insight into the world of SimRacing and motorsport.

Of course, you can find Alex on social media. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram to see what he is up to and what to look forward to on SRU – we certainly cannot wait for what is to come! To get an idea of Alex’ work, we recommend the video embedded below – have fun watching!