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CUPRA SimRacing Series 2021: Title contender Adam Pinczes in the spotlight
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The CUPRA SimRacing Series is on the home stretch: Only two rounds are remaining, the title fight is extremely tight, just 13 points separate the top four. SimRacing Unlimited puts the spotlight on the contenders – meet Adam Pinczes, who is on the grid for Arnage Competition.

Picture - Adam Pinczes @©Adam Pinczes

Consistency is key in SimRacing, which is something Pinczes knows very well: The Hungarian is second in the overall standings, scores important points in every round – but is still waiting for his first victory. However, he does not want to force it at all costs: “I do not want to do any stupid stuff but rather play it smart and keep it on the road”, explains Pinczes. The championship battle should not change that philosophy: “I am there, but I am not going to do anything crazy to get it or change my style.” The plan: “Keep it simple, drive smart and see where it will take me in the end. So far, it took me to P2, so I hope for the best for the last two rounds.”

This is rooted in Pinczes’ start to the season as well: Round one at Hockenheim did not come with much good for the Arnage driver. “I did not have anyone to work with. You need that at Hockenheim, especially in qualifying”, states Pinczes. “The races did not go well, I had some incidents.” That meant places 14 and 13 – “after that, it was a relatively quiet season for me. I was always up there, but did not win yet.”

Round eight at Monza was an exception to the quietness, however – namely in the first race, when Pinczes made contact with championship leader Florian Hasse (Dörr Esports) under braking for the second chicane, who subsequently crashed. “The Monza situation with Florian did not look good. I was looking at the mirror, Bence Farkas was behind me, and when I saw Florian, it was too late – I was pushed by Bence, however”, remembers Pinczes. “After the race, I immediately called Florian and we talked it out. He knows I am not that kind of driver.”

Meanwhile, Pinczes’ career as a SimRacer almost did not happen at all: Focus for the 23-year-old was on another esport for a while. “I started SimRacing in 2012 when I saw YouTube videos of a driver competing in a Hungarian F1 2011 league. I got interested in joining and did that in F1 2012, but also tried rFactor and Race07”, reminisces Pinczes. In addition, the Hungarian frequently played Counter Strike as well, “and in 2015, I left SimRacing to focus on CS:GO and pursue the dream of becoming a professional player.”

This almost worked – until the motivation left Pinczes. “I almost got picked up to play for the Hungarian team in a nations event, but I had already decided to quit at the time. I also did not have the right connections”, explains Pinczes. Instead, he tried RaceRoom, “but mostly for fun. I did get quite good at it, though.” In 2017, he took a big step and raced in the WTCC competition, immediately finishing in the top 24 in his first event. “That was the first international event for me, I got to know a few good people as well.” SDL Esports picked up the Hungarian, which turned into Oscaro Esports later on. Other teams include ACR Zakspeed, Williams JCM Esports, and Triple A Esports. Since early 2021, Pinczes is with Arnage Competition.

There, Pinczes is the only RaceRoom driver, “but luckily, I have got some friends that I can work with in RaceRoom”, says the resident of Tököl, which is near Budapest. Now, SimRacing is an important part of his life – “I work part-time as a logistics process developer so I have more time to focus on SimRacing. This way, I can plan my work around the races”, explains Pinczes.


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