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DIRT 5: Will the new update finally bring the necessary improvements?
user-iconBoris Connemann
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"DIRT 5" has been the talk of the town since it went on sale on November 6, 2020. However, not for the desired reasons. Despite several updates, the first version of the game even liked to swallow your save game sometimes, the game is still not in a state that you could actually expect. Especially the Playstation 5 version of "DIRT 5" still struggles with numerous problems. 

Apparently, Microsoft has once again made pressure, because "DIRT 5" should soon be available in Gamepass for Xbox. However, in a presentable version - the game was miles away from that until now. The new update, which will be available for download today for all platforms, addresses the following bugs:


  • Energy Content Pack (separate pack, included in Amplified Edition and Year One Upgrade versions)
  • Junkyard Playgrounds Update – over 20 new themed Playgrounds items to use in Create mode
  • New official liveries: Ford RS200, Ford Escort ES Cosworth, Peugeot 205 T16 Evo 2    
  • New Playground location: Italy  
  • Level cap increase to 120  


  • PS5: Fixes and improvements to address reports of frame rate drops and stutters in all visual modes
  • Further visual improvements in cockpit/interior camera views
  • Multiple display and UI fixes for split-screen events
  • Fixed instances of shadows appearing overly dark in specific conditions and locations  
  • Fixed multiple instances of lighting and object pop-in during night conditions
  • PC: Mouse will now disappear from screen when game is running
  • PC: Fixes and improvements for players using AMD Ryzen CPUs
  • Fixes for the under-ice lighting in selected Ice Breaker events  
  • Fixes for instances of seams and flickers on Greece and China events when using the ‘Prioritise Frame Rate’ visual setting


  • Changes made to post-race flow to increase speed and remove waiting time
  • Fixed instances of ‘invisible’ walls or objects allowing players to ‘wall ride’ in certain areas of locations
  • Fixed instances of unclear ‘out of bounds’ sections forcing cars to reset in Brazil and Arizona
  • Further AI behaviour improvements in multiple events and modes
  • Xbox: Fixes for minor instances of rumble disappearing on Xbox One
  • Xbox: Fix for instances of crashes during Ice Breaker events
  • Xbox: Fixed instances of crashes on start screen for some Series X|S players with previous save data from Xbox One version
  • Xbox One: Fix for graphical corruption when accessing photo mode on Xbox One with ‘Prioritise Framerate’ setting

Apparently, the developers have really addressed the existing problems of "DIRT 5" with this update. However, the numerous crashes on Xbox and PS5 are still missing from this list. With a bit of luck, the new update 3.0 will provide the gaming fun you've been looking for.


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