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Hot Wheels Unleashed: Childhood dream announced for September 30th
user-iconBoris Connemann
© Mattel/Milestone

That looks like a lot of fun: A first trailer for the upcoming fun racer "Hot Wheels Unleashed" - which unfortunately still lacks real gameplay scenes - shows you exactly what you can look forward to.

Mattel plus Milestone

Milestone Studios, which should be known for its ever-improving MotoGP games, has bagged a new cooperation with the toy makers from Mattel. The result of the collaboration is a micro-racer that will give you the opportunity to race with the crazy models of the Hot Wheels series. The little racing cars retain their original format, so you'll be racing in children's rooms, kitchens and living rooms. However, the tracks here are not formed from books, ironing boards or tables, as the name of the game suggests, you'll be racing on the "real" Hot Wheels tracks, which you can assemble in real life from the available parts in exactly the same way. So look forward to steep turns, loops and gigantic ramps, which of course will allow you to make fantastic jumps. According to the developers at Milestone Studios, when you're driving, it should feel like you're playing with the vehicles. 

HW Unleashed

Executive Producer at Milestone, Michele Caletti, describes Hot Wheels Unleashed by saying, "Like many other team members working on the game, I've been playing with Hot Wheels since I was a kid and I'm still an avid Hot Wheels fan and collector today. That's why we're all so dedicated to delivering the purest and most authentic Hot Wheels gaming experience ever seen in a video game. We owe it to the Hot Wheels community and our inner children."

"Hot Wheels Unleashed" is scheduled to be available for consoles and PC on September 30. You can watch the launch video at this location . As soon as there is real gameplay footage of the promising mini-racing game, you'll hear about it from us.


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